Abbaye de Bellebranche

53290, Saint-Brice


The St. Michael of the 12th century tower is one of the buildings of the old Cistercian Abbey of Bellebranche founded in 1152.
The site Bellebranche, erected in a landscape of peace, surrounded by ponds, removed from the noises of the world, offers a rare and prestigious lifestyle.
Recently restored in full respect of its original architecture, the Tour Saint-Michel is an island of serenity, highlighting the purity of Cistercian architecture and a refined art of living in an elegant, clean, warm and comfortable setting.

By opening this place, Claudine and Cyril le Tourneur of Ison want to share a little of their universe, associated with the travel and photography.
Also, is around Michaelmas a pretext for permanent exhibition where each exposed picture can be gained by those who want it.

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