Abbaye de Fontfroide

11100, Narbonne
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"Founded in 1093 by Benedictine monks, Fontfroide is attached in 1145 to the Order of Citeaux and quickly became one of the most powerful Cistercian abbeys of Christendom.
After the departure of the last monks in 1901, Gustave and Madeleine Fayet bought Fontfroide, then in a bad state, in 1908 and undertook immediately a restoration which will last more than ten years.
Son and nephew of painters, painter himself, amateur and exceptional collector, the new owner becomes the owner and often the master builder of this immense building site, while his wife arranges and decorates the interiors.
They invite their painter musicians or writers friends making Fontfroide a radiant artistic center where the artistic creation bears the signature of painters like Odilon Redon, Burgsthal, Bauzil, Henri de Montfreid and Aristide Maillol, composers like Maurice Ravel or Déodat de Séverac.

Even today, their descendants are engaged in this task of maintaining and safeguarding this exceptional heritage. "

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Spoken languages: French