Abbaye de Fontmorigny

18320, Menetou-Couture
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Located in an isolated valley provided with all natural resources for the establishment of a monastic community (including iron ore) Notre Dame de Fontmorigny joined the Order of Citeaux in 1149.
The location of the buildings on the site and their architectural evolution between the twelfth and eighteenth centuries, illustrate the main stages of the Cistercian monastic history.
At the Revolution, the abbey is sold as a national asset to a metallurgist, who exploits its iron resources.
Since 1987, the current owners have endeavored to revive this old Cistercian abbey.
Important restorations, integrating contemporary creations are carried out there every year and the Abbey of Fontmorigny has become today one of the main cultural sites of Pays Loire Val d’Aubois.

We can still admire in this place full of serenity, the abbey church (twelfth / eighteenth), the ruins of the cloister (eighteenth), the refectory of the converses (twelfth), part of the old hotel (sixteenth / eighteenth), the fishpond and the garden of the abbot.

Fontmorigny opens several rooms as well as its park for private and professional receptions and offers in season a rich cultural programming, including a very famous Music Festival.

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Spoken languages: French