Abbaye de Valmagne

34560, Villeveyrac
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Benedictine abbey at the time of its foundation, Valmagne will be attached, as of 1159, to the order of Cîteaux, second reform of the Benedictines, and from then on will observe the moral but also architectural rule which had been defined by Saint-Bernard.
Confronted with the torments and looting of history, it was bought in 1838 by the Earl of Turenne and was never sold.

The same family maintains and manages with passion this abbey which was, from XIIth to XIVth centuries, one of the richest of the south of France.
Thanks to her, Valmagne is a lively place, brimming with activities and flagship of the region:

- rental for receptions and weddings
- viticultural activity, perpetuating the monastic tradition on a vineyard of more than 60 ha
- visit of the abbey and gardens
- and finally, a stop at the Ferme-Auberge de l'Abbaye!

My castle is visitable

Visit of the gardens

- Inside the abbey.
The cloister garden around its famous fountain-basin. The Cistercians who followed the Rule of St. Benedict were not to leave their monastery. Enclosed between its four galleries, the courtyard allowed the monks to see the blue sky, and a small corner of greenery.
The Cîteaux roses created by Delbard and the black bamboos give it a very special charm.

- Outside: the medieval garden and vegetable garden
Near the Porterie also called Saint-Blaise chapel, the garden of medieval plants, said Jardin de Saint-Blaise.
In the Middle Ages, the gardens of medieval plants (the singles) were inseparable from the Cistercian abbeys. They responded to the need to feed and care for the monks. The flowers were also used to flower the altars.
This reconstruction shows the hortus, the herbularius, (vegetable and medicinal plants), a cloister of greenery and the cemetery of the monks. It also serves as a vegetable garden since the aromatic plants are used by the hostel.

- Facing the porterie the Conservatory of Grapes
Wine lovers will be happy to browse its paths to identify the grape varieties used in the organic wines of this famous winery. Free tasting on request at the reception.

Opening (except Christmas and New Year's Day):
- June 15 to September 30: daily from 10h-18h.
Guided tours: 11:30, 15:00, 16:00, 16:45.
- 1 April - 14 June
Monday to Friday 14h - 18h. Weekends, holidays and bridges from 10h to 18h.
- Sept 30 to Mar 31
Monday to Saturday 14h -18h. Sunday, bridges and public holidays 10h-18h (except the Sundays of January: 14h to 18h)

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Spoken languages: French