Abbaye de Villers-Canivet

14420, Villers-Canivet
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In this closed court of 5000 m2 are arranged in the south: a main building of 75 m of length with porterie, cellars, cellars, charreterie, dwelling, and on the other sides, other barns, the tithe barn and the home priests. These buildings, from the thirteenth to the nineteenth century, constitute the barnyard of the abbey.

The castle today

Founded by Roger de Montbray, lord of one of the most famous and most powerful families of England, the priory of Villers - Canivet was affiliated to the order of Cîteaux in 1147 with all the congregation of Savigny to which he belonged during its foundation in 1127.

In 1203 John Lackland, King of England and Duke of Normandy, took under his protection the priory of Villers. In 1221 and 1222, Philippe Auguste will grant this favor to Clairvaux and the houses that depended on it, such as Villers. During his visit to Falaise, in 1256, Saint Louis assured the community of the possession of all the donations which had been made to him, and of all the prerogatives which they enjoyed. In 1277, Philip the Fair confirmed by letter all the donations made to the nuns.
Despite the difficulties affecting the entire Order, Villers-Canivet had become a place of pilgrimage for the faithful who sought the purification of their souls. In 1369, the bishop of Sees granted 20 days of indulgences to the pilgrims who will visit and make oblations to the priory, in consideration of one of the bodies of the Eleven Thousand Virgins, deposited in the church, as well as in the honor of the milk of the Virgin Mary, enclosed in a vase enriched with sapphires

My castle is visitable

May 1st to 3rd week of September: guided tours every day from 2 pm to 6 pm except Monday and Tuesday.
(Open on public holidays) - Visit possible monday and tuesday by appointment: call

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