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Ancient summer palace of Jehan Ango, wealthy owner and patron, the Manor of Ango is a unique monument, with its exceptional Italian Renaissance architecture, its dovecote, which passes for the most beautiful of France, its site, its park ...

The Manoir d'Ango was one of the first monuments listed as a historic monument in 1862. It is one of a hundred monuments reproduced in the park "France Miniature" (Yvelines).

Located in the heart of the Pays de Caux, homeland of Maupassant and many artists (George Braque, André Breton ...), the Manor of Ango will delight lovers of old stones.

The castle today

The buildings are presented as a large approximate rectangle: to the south the noble part around the Court of Honor, to the north, the common.

The upper part of the south wing, above the loggia and the service rooms, was a large reception gallery which connected the two east and west châtelets.

Loggia and gallery were decorated with frescoes by artists from the Italian School.

Above the entrance vaults of the east wing and throughout the south facade are carved many medallions representing Francis I, Ango, their wives, etc., and we can see the salamander, emblem of Francis I, carved in the walls of the West Wing.

Access to the castle was, east and west, two vaulted entrances, including a pedestrian: there remains only one entrance to the west, and the pedestrian vault east side was walled.

The tower housing a spiral staircase provides access to the east gatehouse and the large gallery.

Tradition has it that Jean Ango could see, from the Châtelet Est, entering and leaving his boats off the port of Dieppe. The topographical examination shows that it was possible; it is no longer because of the many beech trees today.

The courtyard is dominated by a famous loft: it contains 1,600 boulins, allowing

accommodation of 3,200 pigeons. The right of dovecote being a privilege of the nobility, it gives an idea of ​​the power of Jean Ango. With its roof of Byzantine influence, its exceptional framework, its polychrome geometric decorations, this dovecote has inspired many architects and artists.

Finally, (legend or reality?) A system of underground would have connected the castle of Varengeville, the castle of Arques-la-Bataille and that of Dieppe.

My castle is visitable

Opening days :

• every day from May 1st to September 30th

• Weekends and public holidays from 1st to 30th April and from 1st October to All Saints' Day

Opening time :

10 am to 12:30 pm and 2 pm to 6 pm

Prices :

adults 5,5 €

groups (> 10 people) 4,5 €

For guided tours take RV (minimum 20 people, 6.5 €)

Pets are allowed, but kept on a leash.

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