Benauge castle

33760, Arbis
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Close to Bordeaux, this 11th century castle has retained much of its original defensive system.
Located on one of the highest points of Gironde, it occupies a position whose defense was easy, which allowed him to resist more than 40 days to the headquarters of Henry III Plantagenet in 1253 and as much to that of Charles VII, who wanted the to take back to the English in 1453.

The French Revolution fought against this symbol of power of the nobility. Its demolition was voted and the entire interior of the Middle Ages was dismantled, but the outer walls and ramparts were preserved. For more than 20 years, major works have been carried out to sustainably safeguard this important monument of Gironde.

My castle is visitable

For groups of at least 10 people, the castle can be visited all year round by appointment. The guided tour is carried out by the Association of Friends of Benauge Castle. You will discover the surroundings of the castle, and inside, the averaging parts (the habitable part is not open to the visit).

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Spoken languages: French