Blosset castle

18500, Vignoux-sur-Barangeon
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In Sologne, in the land of Grand Meaulnes, the castle of Blosset, a historical monument built by a prestigious Danish architect for one of King Louis XV’s ambassadors, has been the subject of an unprecedented restoration campaign for fifteen years. the scrupulous restoration of its original state.
Its park covers 20 hectares.

This family and inhabited house, located in the heart of a vast rural area, offers the setting of an original process of opening to the public and animation, especially through the association of Friends of the Castle.

The Blosset is a unique invitation to discover concretely the art of living of the eighteenth century.

My castle is visitable

Opening for Heritage Days

Exceptionally, the guided tour will include the discovery of several rooms of the castle including the vestibule of honor, the former billiard room or the dining room and Julie’s room. After the restoration of last year, the large living room is open.

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Spoken languages: French