Castle of Belvès

24170, Belvès
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The castle of Belvès entered Historical Monuments since 1948.

The building, constructed at the beginning of the 14th century, is expanded in the 19th century with the addition of a tower south and parts ensuring liaison with the medieval house. It is from this period that the new set is named "Castle of Belvès". It is also known under the name of 'Commarque Hôtel'.

The castle today

The medieval building amazes by its dimensions. With a stair Tower in the South, she owned shops open on one of the main streets of the old city; It had a location strategic, located at the entrance of the city, but also symbolic, in front of the property of the convent of the brothers preachers. Its Street façade reflects the changes made in the aftermath of the hundred years war to put the remains to the taste of the day and claim the rank of the owners.

Inside, the facilities show ceremonial spaces and looking for comfort: the great Hall with its fireplace, wall closets, latrines, but also the painted decoration.

In 2010 the remains revealed its treasures: two sets of murals on the walls of the 2nd floor rooms. A historical scene with an ecclesiastical dignitary (maybe the Archbishop of Bordeaux), accompanied by a landscape of trees, and the famous triad of the nine worthies. The high quality of these paintings betrays the influence of the Italian Renaissance.

The castle of Belvès retains the only monumental program representing the theme of the nine worthies known so far in Aquitaine. Two other pictorial sets are kept in France: in the castle of Anjony (Cantal) and the castle of Bioule (Tarn and Garonne).

It is thanks to the passion and commitment of its new owner, François Dequesne, that the castle of Belvès revit as soon as 2008.

With this acquisition, it was urgent to put the building out of water. Then it's the turn of the walls to be restored. While the mode of the stone had already prevailed in the halls of the first floor, those top-level had still retained their protective whitewashes... Under the delicate and precise of the conservators gestures, then paintings appeared.

Recovery and restoration of the site work continues with the help of specialists and scientists.

My castle is visitable

Guided tours on appointment from 4 people minimum.

Groups of 20 people.

Dogs are not allowed.

The course includes the discovery of the interiors of the castle: the Tower, the great Hall and rooms of paintings. The tour continues in the garden with unique views over the Valley of the Nauze where the visitor will discover the ancient chapel of the white Penitents of Belvès, built in the 17th century.

Little more!

In addition to the visit to the Castle, we recommend to visit the Church of our Lady where several sets of murals were discovered. Restorations continue there also...

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