Castle of filed

02220, La Grille, Limé

« Built in the XVI and XVII century on a terrace surrounded by water moats and centuries-old trees, the castle of filed dominates the Valley of the jacket and the surrounding countryside. Located in the Aisne between Soissons and Reims, at about 1 h 30 from Paris, the House has kept all its charm. »


The first stones of the castle date back to the sixteenth century and the guard tower is part of the first edified buildings. A former Court of middle age has been filled in the seventeenth century during the building of the stately home, built in 1624, who still currently remains.

On the occasion of the coronation of Louis XV in Reims in 1722, important work has been done:
a wing was built, connecting the castle to a courtyard entrance tower to install a dining room and kitchens. Will the oven bread and outside, under the window, the flow of water from the sink overlooking the moat water.
Inside, the Castle has beautiful parquet "Versailles," as well as rare woodwork of which some have unfortunately disappeared. Originally, we were talking about Castle "lantern", with windows in through-hole parts, allowing light to pass through.
At the end of the 19th century, the castle was bought by the Prince Poniatowski that makes building an extra wing 'L', completely closing the Court of common. He also created a beautiful park with a rose garden ranked. Since his departure, the owners who succeeded him are farmers more interested in the land and buildings of farm than the castle itself. Remained abandoned, it has deteriorated and the chimneys of the ground floor were even stolen.

The castle today

The Castle filed dates from the sixteenth century and is located on the Royal Road that were the Kings of France to be sacred, that one where spent Joan of Arc. Its history is intimately linked to its location. After having an oversight role, the Castle hosted part of the Royal suite at the sacred.
Close to the way ladies and places of battles of the first world war, the castle is undermined by the Germans during their departure in 1918. The wings of the eighteenth and nineteenth century, as well as the top height of the castle with its beautiful sculpted dormers are destroyed.
Bought by prince Poniatowski at the end of the nineteenth, it will remain in the family for nearly 30 years, before selling it in 1920.
It is currently Jean-Marie and Catherine Gilbert that the restaurant for more than 10 years and have managed to make this castle an authentic place and friendly, a haven of peace where you will enjoy the exceptional charm of this enchanting

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