Castle of La Droitiere

44470, Mauves-sur-Loire
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Its layout extends over several centuries, the park of the castle of La Droitière offers the characteristics of English parks of the nineteenth, while articulating around a more classic core typical of the gardens of the eighteenth. With an area of ​​11ha, enclosed by walls, it alternates; wooded groves for 7ha populated with three hundred year old native trees, oaks, maple trees, ash trees, alisier, charms and clear spaces planted with remarkable trees: Bald Cypress, Ginkgo biloba, Redwoods or Sempervirens, Blue Cedar Atlas, Chicot of Canada, Honey locust, Magnolia grandiflora, broadleaf holly, sweetgum, tulip tree and persimmon persimmon, oaks.

Type: French style

Remarkable elements: Statue, Edifice, Cascade

Plant elements: Notable trees, Alignment trees, Fruit trees, Shrubs, Perennial plants
Remarkable trees: Bald Cypress, Ginkgo biloba, Redwoods or Sempervirens, Atlas Blue Cedar, Louisiana Chicory, Honey locust, Magnolia grandiflora, Bigleaf Holly, Liquidambar, Tulip tree and Virginia persimmon, Oaks. Alignment trees: Plane trees, Chestnut trees, Tilleuls. Fruit trees: The orchard having disappeared over time, fruit trees were planted in 2017 Shrubs: Rhododendrons Perennial plants: English garden in progress

The castle today

This park serves as a haven for a castle, (currently in very bad condition), built at the end of the 17th century, embellished by a family of merchants Nantes in 1788, then enlarged in 1872, according to the plans of Jourdan Blondel, after being acquired in 1867 by Victor Fleury and his wife Mathilde Verne, sister of the famous writer Jules Verne of Nantes. That is why Mauves will be quoted in one of these novels and that the park redesigned and enlarged by the two brothers-in-law keeps the memory of the novelist. The gazebo and promenade that bear his name, not to mention the magnificent Blue Cedar Atlas that he planted himself. Wink of the story, it is a descendant of a character quoted in the first novel of Jules Verne which will guide you in the discovery of the places.

My castle is visitable

The castle park is open to visitors.

Full price: 8 €
Reduced price: 4 €
Free for children under 12

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Spoken languages: French , Italian, English