Castle of Lunéville

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« Located only 30 km from Nancy Lunéville Castle is built in 1702 at the request of the Duke of Lorraine who wanted if away from its capital occupied by the french. The Palace opens on the prospect of a sumptuous park to the French. Duke of Lorraine moved there with his court and hoisted thus Lunéville to the rank of capital. »


From the year one thousand, a castle built in wood is attested. This feudal Castle becomes the vacation home of the Dukes of Lorraine from the 13th century.
At the beginning of the 17th century, the Duke Henri II demolished the old Castle and built a new, more modern. It was badly damaged during the war of thirty years ( [xxxxxxx] ).
In 1702, the city of Nancy is occupied by the troops of Louis XIV. Léopold Ier, Duke of Lorraine, takes refuge in Lunéville. The Castle becomes his official residence. In support of his prestige, he wants to rebuild it. Work began in 1701 and was completed in 1723.
Simple, but elegant style, the Castle built by Germain Boffrand, pupil of Jules Hardouin-Mansart. is inspired by the Palace of Louis XIV. Twenty years of work will be needed to transform the old house in princely residence. The elegant Majesty of the facades frames the harmonious sequence of courses. Lunéville becomes the 'little Lorraine Versailles. "

The castle today

The castle of Lunéville, the possession of the Dukes of Lorraine since the thirteenth century, was built on behalf of the Duke Léopold Ier between 1703 and 1720. His son, the Duke of François III, was soon forced to cede his possessions to the King of Poland, Stanislas Leszczyński, father-in-law of the King of France. He took possession of Lunéville he did reorganize in its taste. He died accidentally in February 1766. In the meantime, he took to receive some famous people as Voltaire who stayed there for the first time in 1748, along with Émilie of Châtelet his mistress for some years. Stanislas welcomes him with great pleasure and makes him the honours of his court. Soon developed a sincere friendship between the two men. Even if Voltaire is not always in agreement with the books published by Stanislas, he appreciates the atmosphere relaxed and tolerant of Lunéville.

My castle is visitable

Restored spaces visit daily (except Tuesday) from 10 h to 12 h and from 14 h to 18 h (excluding events) for the price of €9, reduced price €6, free under 12 years old.
The Park of Woods and the courtyard of the Castle, are free throughout the year (excluding special events).
From 1/10 to 30/04: from 6: 00 to 19: 00 from 1/05 to 30/09: from 6 h to 22 h

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