Castle of Malaret

46270, Bagnac-sur-Célé

« Located in the Lot, at the limit of the Cantal in land of Quercy, the castle of Malaret, former Lord of the seventeenth century is a beautiful fully restored property that has preserved its old soul. Placed on the path of Santiago, it is the starting point for many tours of this magnificent region. »


The castle is built on the site of a former Priory existed already at the time of St Gérand, count of Aurillac and rear grandson of Charlemagne.
It was a Lordship of a powerful character which the centuries have altered the older parts. However, in 1900 you could still see the remains of the former oratory carved of the Templar cross. It is always visible on the square Tower.
Malaret castle dates from the seventeenth century and the successive restorations of the last three centuries were able to preserve its high silhouette, even if the 2 round towers attached to the large dwelling disappeared. Located on mid-slope of the Hill, the House is surrounded by a large terrace, a garden and a beautiful park.

The castle today

During the revolution, the property is inhabited by Canteloube family and after several generation, arrives until Joseph Canteloube, the famous composireur said "Canteloube de Malaret". She was sold in 1922. In 1944, she was bought by the family of the current owners: Humbert-Delvincourt Claude Delvincourt, famous musician and composer will take the helm of the Paris conservatoire.

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Spoken languages: French