Castle of Néons sur Creuse

36220, Néons-sur-Creuse
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It is in the heart of France, in this green region of Berry, is located the Castle of Neons. On one side, nestle the exceptional landscapes of the Natural Park of Brenne, on the other, the circuit of the Châteaux of the Loire ... on the right, the forest of Tremblay, on the left, some of the most beautiful villages of France ... and, as far as the eye can see, fields, trees, birds, rivers and ponds ... in short, a peaceful life in a setting of genuine charm. So many assets are worth sharing and it is with this generous goal that Daly JOURDAN-BARRY, the lucky owner of the Château de Neons has embarked on a great renovation company. Fun look, strong ideas and fierce desire to respect the spirit of the place, while preserving the techniques of the past and surrounded by local artisans ... the result is up to the dreams. Today the Farms surrounding the castle are rented throughout the year to lovers of simple pleasures, hiking, fishing, historical and natural heritage ... and large family gatherings in a unique universe. You are welcome at Neon Castle.

The castle today

There existed since the beginning of the Middle Ages strong house in Neons, the ancient Gallo-Roman Noviomagus. But most of the construction seems later. Neons belonged then to a family Boucher: Jean Boucher is quoted in 1488. Since 1730, the castle belonged to the family of Trochet, which bore the title of marquis of Neons. Troops having emigrated in 1792, the castle was sold as national property. It belonged for a century to the families of La Roche, then Ginesteix. Redeemed, then restored from 1990, he regained his first dignity. The castle is ordered from four towers arranged in trapezium, the two of the south facade frame the front door, defended by a portcullis whose location is visible between two arches of the vestibule. Two building blocks extend the enclosure to the other two towers, one of which, on the east side, has been rebuilt later. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the building was transformed into a residence of pleasure. The large forecourt of the castle is surrounded by common, they serve as a setting for demonstrations.

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