Castle of Penne

81140, Château de Penne, Penne
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The visit to the castle of Penne is a journey in time, an immersion in the daily life of the castles.

The castle today

At the top of its rocky spur overlooking the beautiful valley of the Aveyron, the castle of Penne, imposing fortress in the 13th century, reborn after 450 years of oblivion.
Strategic site, he was a dominant stronghold north of the territory of the powerful counts of Toulouse and the Trencavel Viscounts. Despite the acts of resistance, have demonstrated the Penne owners to keep their independence, the Castle passed under the Dominion of the Crown of France in the 13th, period during which it was redesigned and developed military defences .
In addition to its defensive character, it was a castle to live, to illustrate the power, but also a famous Court of love where the troubadours came to sing the end Amor (love Courtois).

The site resisted fiercely at times of unrest that shook the Languedoc (crusade against the Albigensians, hundred years war), but Religions wars caused its loss. In 1586 the fortress of Penne was dismantled and abandoned little by little.

After a long period of sleep, this masterpiece of military architecture back to life, after being bought in 2006 and its many restorations work for its safeguarding. Open to the public since 2010, visitors stand in eyewitnesses of these restorations, carried out in part by a living medieval shipyard.

My castle is visitable

The castle is open from mid February to mid November.
Year-round on reservation: - guided tours for groups (from 20 people) - activities and visits for schools (educational workshops, treasure hunts, Scavenger Hunt) in July and August:-course of interpretation with illustrated panels and fun - books discovered for children - tours - medieval site living events around the middle ages occasionally during the summer, with troops specialized in historical reconstruction, demonstrations of fighting and armament.

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Spoken languages: French