Castle of Percey

89360, Percey
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Contemporary garden designed in 2003, according to plans of the 18th century around the castle. We can discover boxwood dating from the 20s and old trees. A large collection of flower bulbs, (daffodils, daffodils, tulips and allium) and large masses of Rhododendron, Azalea and Hydrangea. A labyrinth in yew is planted in 2005 with 900 m of paths.
The second weekend in October a large Dutch bulb flower market is held at the castle.

The castle today

In the 18th century, was located in the North, a large French garden protected by water bays. A formal garden consisting of a green carpet with central roundabout and lined with poplars stretched on the ground is focused on the portal of the church.
In the nineteenth century, the French garden is transformed and divided into two, a grove with roundabout and alleys and a wood planted staggered.
In the twentieth century the East parterre is modified, construction of a factory with terrace and fountain, construction of the dormant bridge. The garden is replanted in Romantic fashion, but still retains a long avenue lined with poplars, having the length of the facade and lined with two counter-aisles corresponding to the wings of the castle, lead to the main road on the side of Saint-Florentin.

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