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76750, Morgny-la-Pommeraye
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« Located in the authentic Norman region of Seine-Maritime, straddling the municipalities of Morgny-la-Pommeraye and Blainville Christensen, round a few km of Rouen Castle is very easy to access. Registered ISMH, the castle is a haven of peace in the middle of a 35-hectare park. »


Built between 1720 and 1730 for Pierre Duval, Director of the currency of Rouen, the round Castle in brick, is a remarkable unity of style.
In the Court of honor, Chapel, angles pavilions, stables and sheds are perfectly scheduled.
Built according to a classical party with a vast landscape composition and a park overhauled under the Second Empire, with a farmyard, a Dovecote, an Orangery and a farm. The garden of this sumptuous 35 ha park has been redeveloped by Louis Benech, the landscape of the garden of the Tuileries. There are also ancient trees, a large vegetable garden and beautiful avenues of beech and plane trees.

The castle today

In the early nineteenth century, the castle of round belonged to Jacques Belhomme de Morny. He died without male heir, the Castle returned to Flavie, married daughter to baron Clément Acher of United. Their daughter will marry the Baron de Marbot, youngest son of the famous general of the empire.
The Castle belonging to 2 communes, on the death of the Baron de Marbot, July 9, 1882 the death certificate is curiously read as follows: "death of Charles Nicolas Marcellin Marbot (baron) who died that day at seven o'clock, in the part of the dependent round Castle of" This common and having a home in the part of the same depending of the commune of Morgny Castle, sixty-one-year-old owner, born in the city of Paris on December twenty-six thousand eight hundred and twenty.
You're never too accurate!

My castle is visitable

From May to October on Friday and Saturday afternoon. July and August every day, from 13 H 30 to 18 H price: €4,50

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