Castle of Saint-lover

63450, Saint-Amant-Tallende
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« 20 minutes from Clermont-Ferrand, the Château de Murol-en-Saint Amant is a neo-Gothic castle of the nineteenth century ant the historical stronghold of the Giscrard d’Esteing family. »


"More that a reception room more than a castle, that gardens, the field of Holy lover is the synthesis between heritage, history and culture.

The name of the fortress of Murol appears for the first time in the 13th century. There are then three fortified houses to Saint lover-the-Cheyre, ("cheyre’ meaning flow of lava). That of Murol is also called ‘the fortress of the Church’ because it houses within its walls – and will house until 1850 – the Church of the village.

The first occupants are the Lords of Murol, who also own the great castle of Murol in the Chambon.

The family of Murol goes out to 1490. Redemptions, marriages, wars, estates will spend the strong House of the hands of the Murol to Bouchard, La Tour D’AUVERGNE, Cousin, Damascus of Aubiere, Canillac, La Tour Fondue…

In November 1586, Queen Margot, on his way to exile to the castle of Usson near Issoire, spent several days.

In 1865, the Tour Fondue Anatole inherits the strong House of Murol and transformed it into a neo-gothic castle. Under the supervision of the architect Bruyerre, student of Viollet-Le-Duc, he undertakes a gigantic work that will last more than thirty years: elevation of a floor, expansion of the main building, construction of towers, roofs, galleries, walkways,. balustrades, moat, turrets, booths and subway, openings of doors, windows and slits, rehabilitation of land, privatization of the Romanesque church which it retains the choir and crypt pressing powerful buttresses with the idea of making a Dungeon… Anatole is going to his fortune.

Close to Clermont Ferrand (15 km), the site is open for rental from May to September. It is a meeting place, reception and creation. "It offers to families, friends and employees to come together, the time to stay in one place."

The castle today

It is in a restoring state not completed that Giscard d’Estaing family bought the Castle from their cousins the Tour Fondue in 1921 and remains the owner to this day.

My castle is visitable

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