Castle of the Fe

89300, Chateau du Fey, Villecien
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« Located in the heart of Burgundy, the Château du Feo was built in the 17th century, atop a terrace plunging into the Yonne valley. »


The first castle was built in the 16th century by Nicolas Hennequin, the first fairy lord on the plateau overlooking the Yonne valley. During the reign of Louis XIII, a second castle was built by Nicolas de Baugy, advisor to the king, who retained part of the old castle.

The castle remained a property of the Baugy family until 1751, when Baron Melchior de Chamousset bought the castle and the surrounding lands and forests. Upon his arrival at Feo, he undertook considerable work on the castle. The austere atmosphere of Louis XIII of the first castle did not appeal to the new owners, who created modern rooms full of lights, as well as straight walkways in the middle of the French gardens.

This 18th century architecture survives to this day. Although traces of the old castle can be found, such as one of the towers of the suburbs, the castle remains firmly integrated in the 18th century.

The castle today

Fe is a multidisciplinary arts festival founded in 2018. Every year, this art laboratory transforms the Château du Fy into a three-day platform for creative encounters and experiments to rethink the future. In this unique and welcoming environment, 1:30 from Paris, participants from all over the world come together to create an ephemeral community in the green hills of Burgundy. Fe is a non-profit organization committed to the environmental cause

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