Castle of Villerambert

11160, Caunes-Minervois
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« Installed on a very old site of the minervois, the castle of Villerambert extends over 100 hectares of vineyards. Located 20 km from Carcassonne so easy access, this planted together in the middle of a pink marble quarry will seduce you by these colors. »


The castle of Villerambert extends over 100 hectares of vineyards in Minervois in the commune of Caunes-Minervois. It takes its name from from the latin Villa Ramberti and is installed on a very old site where were found amphorae and Gallo-Roman dishes. It is indeed close the Domitian way, built by the Romans from 118 BC.
The archives show that the Castle Villerambert already had a vineyard in 1231. It is the only Winery in the world to settle in marble, this one from the famous Caunes Minervois vein that was in 1700 the Royal career. This marble was used to build the prestigious columns of the Grand Trianon and the stairs of the Paris Opera.

The castle today

We find written traces of the vineyard only from 1231, under the authority of Pierre Vidal de Villerambert, Lord of the place. The Castle taken then its final form in the sixteenth century, under the leadership of Balby of Vernon family. In 1858, he changes ownership for the benefit of the Julien family, whose origins in the 16th century, in the region of Minerva.
Today, it is the fifth generation, in the person of Michel Julien, who took over the head of the field. In upstream, we find Stephen was the first holder of the domain, followed by Georges and his wife Anne-Marie, who went to his death, then their son Marcel, still active, who gave the bases of future large vineyards in the 1950s. Today, Michel has extended the work of his father, giving the area a will have national and international.

My castle is visitable

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