Château Cagninacci

20200, San-Martino-di-Lota


From time immemorial, the Cap-Corsins have emigrated. In the 19th century several settled in South America: Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Venezuela ... Some of them made their stump, others returned to their villages once made their fortune and had them build sumptuous houses or "Palazzi" that now called "American Houses"
One of them is the Cagninacci Castle in San Martino di Lota.
It offers the unique experience in Corsica of staying with the descendants of those who built the castle.
On the site of a Capuchin convent, the great-grandfather of Bertrand and Florence Cagninacci built an impressive neo-Tuscan palace. From the former convent of the 17th century, the chapel, now empty, and some cells of monks remain.
Bertrand, Florence, and their mother propose you 4 guest rooms (all with private bathroom, one bedroom also has a splendid private terrace) in their wonderfully romantic mansion.
Château Cagninacci is located in 3 hectares of private woodland with chestnut trees, olive trees, giant magnolias, fragrant orange trees and linden trees whose scent in June is irresistibly heady.
You will have breakfast in the shade of the plane trees with bread and homemade jam, canistrelli (traditional biscuits) while enjoying the spectacular view of the sea. In good weather, you can see the islands of Elba and from Capraia and very rarely the Italian coast. If time does not permit, you will be served in the spectacular dining room.
In the picturesque village of San Martino di Lota, there are 2 good restaurants within walking distance.
Opportunities for walking abound, as for car excursions. For swimming, the sea is only 8 kilometers away.
San Martino di Lota is at the gateway to Cap Corse, St Florent, the desert of Agriate and the splendid but little known Castagniccia, "the heart of Corsica"

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