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26570, Montbrun-les-Bains
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Built on a rocky spur overlooking the Toulourenc valley, the castle of Aulan whose first traces date back to the 12th century belonged among others to the barons of Mevouillon. In 1635, Isabeau de l'Espine, heiress of Aulan's fief, married François-Marie de Suarez and brought him the castle as a dowry. Mistreated during the Revolution, the castle was completely remodeled in a Viollet-Le-Duc style in the second half of the 19th century by the Marquis Arthur de Suarez d'Aulan. This last lover of this earth decided to build there a dwelling up to the height of his passion. Mayor of Aulan, general counselor of the Drôme, deputy of the Drôme and squire at the court of Napoleon III, he was particularly interested in agricultural issues. He introduced the Austrian black pine to reforest the area. It was this same love for this place that led his grandson, Count Charles de Suarez d'Aulan, to take over this house. Since 1958, the castle of Aulan is the only private residence of Baronnies open to the visit.

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Accompanied by a guide for 45 minutes, you will discover through living rooms, dining rooms, rooms an inhabited interior, decorated with multiple objects, relating to the Second Empire and the history of the family. Today, it is still the property of their descendants, Suarez d'Aulan, it is a place of family reunion.

april, may, june, sept, oct: guided tour every day at 3 pm

July, August: open from 10h to 12h and from 14h to 18h30,

Closed on Sunday morning.
Annual closing: December, Jan, February

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