Château d'Ettevaux

58170, Château d’Ettevaux, Poil
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The 12-hectare Ettevaux estate is set around an 18th-century chateau in the Morvan Regional Nature Park in Burgundy.

You can admire the neo-Gothic chapel, and the beautiful park with different species of bicentennial trees. At the turn of a walk, you can meet deer, squirrels and watch on the ponds near our huts, herons, frogs and dragonflies.

The castle today

Acquired in July 1748 by Zacharie Bertrand de Rivière, mayor of Larochemillay, the castle of Ettevaux returns to the family of Galembert in 1852 following the Marriage Louise-Marie-Joséphine Bertrand de Rivière with the Viscount Anne-Marie-Charles de Bodin de Galembert .

The domain of Ettevaux belongs today to the 6th generation of the GALEMBERT family. A family reflection between Charly, Félicie and their four children culminated in 2011 in the definition of a diversified project focused on:

"Welcome, healing, nature and calm"

On the basis of this reflection, the project of conversion of the Ettevaux estate into tourist accommodation began with the construction of two lakeside cabins on stilts made entirely from the wood of the property (one located on a small romantic pond the second on a fish pond and more withdrawn), two charming guest rooms located in the renovated part of the castle, a small cottage typical Burgundy, then the eco-design renovation of stud farm Ettevaux, high capacity lodging also allowing the hosting of seminars.

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Spoken languages: French