Chateau de Barbirey

21410, Barbirey-sur-Ouche
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« Each host, family, guest, visitor, employee, service provider contributes to the beautification of the estate by the good times it passes, the quality work that it carries out there. Each person who crosses the gate gives and receives. We see it as a chance to orchestrate this collective adventure and to put the Gardens and theCastle in a new role conytributiong to reveal to everyone the best of himself. »


The castle of Barbirey is quoted in a resumption of fief of 1633 as being "a seigneurial house with four towers" attached to the powerful Barony of Marigny of the Dukes of Burgundy, located nearby. It is declared "in an advanced ruinous state" in 1669 confirmed in 1757. The rich financier, Jean Pâris de Montmartel, Lord of Chateauneuf-en-Auxois, buys in 1766 the castle of Marigny which it makes demolish in part to rebuild that of Barbirey. Famous for having straightened France after the bankruptcy of Law, Pâris de Montmartel was made marquis by Louis XV and was guardian of the royal treasury.

A pamphlet and park plan dated 1891 reveal the reworkings and describe "a park planted with tall and beautiful trees" with its maze of alleys, its central water feature, "a large and beautiful terraced garden". It is also stated that around 1861, two wings were added to the central body of the castle "which have more than doubled its importance".

Different families (Quesnois, Tardy, Denizot, Bouchard) will settle then that of Marie de Blic, sister of Father Charles de Foucauld, from 1894 until 1969. From the second half of the 20th century, the park will gradually fall to abandoned until 1989, when Dr. Roland Garaudet acquired it to revive it.
A campaign of clearings and major works are started and from 1990, a new destiny is emerging with the help of the landscape architect, Laurence Vanpoulle. They adopt an innovative approach for a reinvention, while respecting the old layout of this exceptional site crossing their taste for the historic garden and the contemporary creation.
"This recreation consists of bringing the landscape of the Ouche valley into the Barbirey Gardens"

The footprint of the stays of Foucauld’s father is in perfect harmony with the simplicity and beauty of this place. Place of creation, Barbirey is without a doubt a corner of Paradise fallen discreetly from heaven on earth.

The castle today

Located 25 km from Dijon and Beaune in Burgundy, the Château de Barbirey is primarily known for its "Remarkable Gardens" ISMH

Since 2002 Véronique and Jean-Bernard Guyonnaud, new owners are working to register the estate in the 21st century. Véronique is working with her team to improve the Jardin and Jean-Bernard on her side ensures the restoration and maintenance of the Heritage. Falled into oblivion after the last war, today the Gardens welcome many visitors and the buildings host many events. This authentic, harmonious estate has come back to life.

Harmony, authenticity, balance and conviviality characterize this domain both in its patrimonial dimension and in its human dimension. These are the adjectives used by visitors to the park and the guests they visit or come to celebrate an event.

Open to visitors half of the year, this site is above all a land of creation, meeting and welcoming.

Since 2012, we have sought to extend this spirit of openness, by proposing to families, friends, collaborators, to meet during a stay, in this place like no other.
Indeed, the more the garden is looked at and the more the buildings are inhabited, the more they take meaning and become beautiful.

My castle is visitable

Individual visits

May 1 to June 30 – 14h to 18h – Saturday, Sunday and holidays,
July 1 to August 31 – 1 pm to 7 pm – every day, except Monday and Tuesday,
-1 September to 30 September – 14h to 18h – Saturday, Sunday and holidays,

Open all year by appointment for groups of more than 10 people

Adults: 6 €
Children from 3 to 12 years: 3 €
Free until 2 years old.
Access to current exhibitions is free.

Group visits (+ 10 people)
Free or guided, by appointment during the whole year.
Self-guided tours: 5 €
Guided tours (in French). : 7 €
Free for the organizer and the driver accompanying the group.
Possibility to picnic before 14h in the park or the common in case of rain.

A landscape garden to discover:
A place to create, a sensitive and creative approach to the art of gardens and the environment .: See – feel – touch – hear
The association between the courtyard and the garden and Marie-Ange Naltet offer cycle classes I, II and III, visits and workshops of artistic expressions adapted to the age of the children and projects of the schools.
– a landscape garden: the points of view to discover the work of Jacques Vieille
– the water in the gardens: the vegetable garden, the wetlands of the park (the riverbed, the reflections and the color of the water, the sounds of the water)
– the sounds of the garden, discovery of the work of Erik Samakh
– scents: in the kitchen garden, olfactory and taste will be associated with the touch
– rocky landscapes: quarry, orchard, dry stone walls
– the seasons in the garden: two visits to spot the evolution of the landscapes, the shoot of the plants, the changes of light
– the paths, the pathways: the alleys of the vegetable garden and the meadow, the paths of the edges and the wood: bodily approach of the different places of the gardens.

The day in the garden is supervised by Marie-Ange Naltet, visual artist, involved in the national project "adopt a garden" since 1999 in Barbirey. Ephemeral installations will be carried out in the gardens according to the theme of the visit chosen by the teacher. Realization of viewfinders, ephemeral gardens along the water, sound installations, scent paths, miniature landscapes, small stagings of the body in the gardens … Other themes of visits and plastic activities can be put in place at the request of teachers.

Price per day: 9.5 euros per child, or 2.50 euros for entrance to the gardens 7.00 euros for the sensory visit of the gardens and activities.
Picnic on site, room provided in case of bad weather.

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