Château de Bogard

22120, Quessoy
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The current Bogard castle was built at the end of the 18th century by Félicité Mesle de Grandclos, daughter of a wealthy owner of Saint-Malo. She chose the entrepreneur-architect in Rennes and Moncontour, Antoine Guibert.
"Sieur Guignette" created the park: perspective of 900m towards the hills of Henon, garden of sensitivity and Masonic garden.

Bogard has not changed much since its construction and is now a prestigious setting for organizing unforgettable events, weddings, receptions, weekends, corporate seminars, weekly stays

My castle is visitable

Frequency: Every week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Visit of the gardens as well as models of the other parks and gardens of the country of Moncontour.

From July to September: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday morning.

All year round for groups on RV

Normal rate: 5 €

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Spoken languages: French