Bouelles Castle

76270, Château de Bouelles, Bouelles
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« Less than two hours from Paris, nestled in the heart of the Pays de Bray, the house is particularly remarkable for its gardens signed by the famous Belgian landscapist René Péchère. »


The story of Bouelles begins in the Middle Ages with a first castle built near the present church. It gave way to a second building built in the 15th century by the Chenevelles family.

This stronghold was burned by the Huguenots during the wars of religion and the lands of Bouelles passed from hands to hand without any lord residing there. But the fate of these lands experienced a rebound in 1750, then owned by Guillaume Lechevallier, Marquis de Grèges and president of the Cours des Comptes de Normandie. Endowed with a considerable fortune but leading a sumptuous life he ended his life ruined and locked up with the brothers of Charity in Charenton by order of his creditors. His wife, Marquise de Greges and daughter of a farmer-general, narrowly escaped the ruin imposed on her by the Norman custom, which dictates that women are in solidarity with their husbands in financial matters. The latter pleaded that her marriage took place in Paris in order to enforce the Parisian custom and thus to regain her dowry among the property of the Marquis. It is the land of Bouelles which was given to him.

On the death of the Marquise, her eldest son took the title of Count Bouelles and built a Norman manor that crossed two generations to Jules, last account of Bouelles. Jules married in 1847 Marguerite Elisabeth de Beurges, a great regular in the lavish life, so that after twenty boring years at the manor house she obtained permission from her husband to have a new castle built for parties and receptions, and therefore more in keeping with his lifestyle. There is a string of lounges with high ceilings and moldings but also a hot air heater installed in the basement which allowed to heat the big house dedicated to a Norman climate.

The castle today

Today owned by a famous Austrian crystal maker, we discover a plant architecture in harmony with that of the castle. Directed by Belgian landscape architect René Péchère, the British-style park hides many secrets. You can discover the turn of an arbor or a flower garden, tennis or swimming in this green setting. Inside, it is by names of semi-precious stones that you will be lodged in order to continue your crystalline parenthesis at Bouelles castle.

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Spoken languages: French , English, Spanish