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Since Gaubert, first known Lord (1030) of this House of Boury, who will participate so much, through the centuries, in the history of Vexin, the families succeed each other by alliances.
In the middle of the XVIIth century, the Barony of Boury belongs to Guillaume Aubourg, Councilor of the King, Guard of the Roles of the Offices and Grand Audiencier of France.

The old fortress, transformed into a Manor by the grace of the Renaissance, does not however correspond to the taste of the Great Century for the new monuments, under the impulse of the Sun King. The old seigniorial lodge and the dovecote raised on the feudal mound will become firm.

Guillaume Aubourg, become by letter patent of Louis XIV, Marquis de Boury, calls Jules Hardouin-Mansart for the plans of the new castle. Work will begin in 1685 to be completed in 1689. All the ornamentation of the facades is entrusted to Thibault Poissant who collaborated at Versailles.

The house remained family property except for fifty years in the nineteenth, after which Hubert-Edouard Zentz d'Alnois was able to buy it to offer his wife, great-granddaughter of the last Lord from Boury.

My castle is visitable

In the French Vexin, less than 70km from Paris and 40km from Rouen, this Historic Monument built on the plans of the famous architect Jules Hardouin Mansart is a pure example of the French classical style of the late seventeenth century built in 4 years, from 1685 in 1689, at the request of Guillaume Aubourg, first Marquis de Boury.

On either side of the main courtyard are two elegant common areas, the Orangery and the Stables, which harmoniously complement this unique architectural ensemble.

The exceptional sculptures that animate the architecture are by Michel Poissant, great sculptor of Gisors who will contribute to Versailles.

An orchard in the spirit of the eighteenth century and a large park, crossed by a charming little ru, as well as topiary boxwood in the main courtyard, complete the harmony of the place.

Exceptional: the old 17th century cooler located in the park at the edge of the stream can be visited. Its architecture is amazing.

Individual visit: 7 € Group visit: 6 €

Guided tours of the castle, from April 15th to October 15th: Sundays and public holidays from 2.30pm to 6pm.
In August, guided tours every day and public holidays (except Tuesday) from 14:30 to 18:30.

A walk in the park can be done before or after a visit on presentation of a visit ticket of the Castle.
Group visits

From April 15 to October 15, groups can be accommodated from 15 people, every day whatever the time, morning or afternoon.

By appointment only.
Please contact Philippe Zentz d'Alnois on [xxxxxxx] .10

We are able to offer you a breakfast, a snack or a meal or advise you of places to stay in the region.

The French Vexin is a particularly rich place, high place of major visits:

Villarceaux 23 km

Giverny 30 km

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