Château de Callac

56420, Chateau Callac, Plumelec

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Callac Castle, whose origins date back to the 12th century, was rebuilt in the 14th century, modified in the 15th and 16th centuries, then redeveloped in the 17th century.
Since 2000, restoration works allow this monument to regain its former glory.
These restorations have been awarded the 2012 price - VMF / Group mercury real estate and 2015 - VMF / French Heritage Society.

The castle today

The current Castle was built in the 14th century, on the site of an older Mansion (twelfth century) destroyed in the war of Succession of britain3. This second Castle is redesigned many times over the following two centuries, and takes its final form at the end of the seventeenth century to get the standards of comfort of the time. In 1693 unfold the last significant work on the general structure of the bati3.

Medieval Lordship with right to high, middle and low justice, Callac is high in barony in 1645 by Louis XIV for the family of Rogier4. Originally owned by the family of Callac, land pass successively families light-fountain, the Forester, Rogier, Guemadeuc, of the Cleuz, to finish at the hands of Marbeuf County on the eve of the francaise4 Revolution. At that time, he welcomes leaders chouans - Georges Cadoudal there from for example brievement3 and refractaires5 priests.

Passed to the family of the Bot, the castle is shared in 1823 between the two heritieres3 without that any reunification is not possible.

The castle became a place of rallying for parachutists during World War II and became the Headquarters Allied during the battle of the maquis of Saint-Marcel6.

The building is being in 1971 two protections to the title of the historiques1 monuments: the facades and roofs of the main building and the large room on the first floor with its painted ceiling are classified, while the facades and roofs of buildings surrounding the Court and the entrance portal are entered. The castle is reunited in 20003et rapidly undergoes major backup work become necessary due to the general State of disrepair of the batiment7.

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