Château de Cinq-Mars

37130, Cinq-Mars-la-Pile
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"The castle of Cinq-Mars, located in Touraine on the hillside of the Loire, with its fortifications, its twelfth-century towers, its moat of the fifteenth century, is the type of classic feudal castle.
Nestled in the greenery, it offers the visitor an original and informative walk in the middle of century-old trees and a view of the Juiverie and the Loire. It is also a plunge into the past, in the company of King Louis XIII, at the court of which Richelieu sent the young Marquis of Cinq-Mars before he compromises himself in a conspiracy that cost him his life.

In addition to welcoming visitors, the castle offers guest rooms and reserves vaulted rooms for family celebrations, weddings, seminars.
Stay from 2 to 7 days. Welcome !"

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Spoken languages: French