Château de Danne

49500, Chateau de Danne, Saint-Martin-du-Bois
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« Château de Danne »


Located in Maine and Loire, near the town of Segre, the castle of Danne, enrolled in additional historical monuments inventory, has created an Ecocentre dedicated to reasoned ecology (an Ecofestival organizing every year in the month of August) ecoformations organization, development of permaculture...).

The castle today

Former Lord Chambellay and the Chouaniere. The area was at the beginning of the 16th century Orvaux family who founded a chapel dedicated to our Lady and Saint Claude in 1501. A former mansion would be high on a mound near the current loft. In the 17th century, it was razed to make room for a large house with three main buildings, a chapel (destroyed in 1870) and a garden double. It remains today the Dovecote situated in the southeast of the present Castle. The latter was built by the architect Leblond in 1826, it is likely that a part of common have been high during the second quarter of the nineteenth century (1840s). Agricultural parts date from the 3rd quarter of the 19th century (1860). The landscaped garden would have been realized during the 1830s by J. Knight. From the main road an avenue leads up to the Castle. The courtyard opens into a large vegetable garden enclosed, flanked in the corners of turrets using shelters to tools. To the East, the landscape garden consists of a lawn with groves and clumps of trees.

My castle is visitable

The Castle offers Equipromenades cars to horse that can take up to 20 people and drawn by two or three horses.
These cars are driven by Jean Gastineau, certified leader, for walks of about three quarters of an hour, in the cavalier alleys of the Park of the Danne area, where the flora and fauna are particularly rich and respected.

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Spoken languages: French