Château de Flamarens

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You are on a mound where there is almost nothing left of the "Castrum" received in dowry by Régine de Goth (niece of Pope Clement V - 1305) during his marriage with Bernard de Durfort on May 19, 1289.

In 1466 Jean de Grossolles, new owner, decides to build a new castle, and calls for it, in 1469, a Mason Limousin who undertakes to build in two years, a main building of two rooms and a dungeon (today the stair tower). In 1535, the son of Jean de Grossolles, Barnard, enlarged the castle. The walls are raised on 3 levels and a huge tower of 12 meters in diameter is added. As a result of this construction, the church is also enlarged and consecrated in 1545.

It is probably in the eighteenth century that the castle is at its peak. It was then the favorite residence of Marquise Marie-Francoise de Flamarens, relative of Madame de Sevigne.

In June 1943, a fire burns most of the roofs. In the 1960s, the castle is sold in spare parts (marble fireplaces, tiles, parquet, beams, etc. ..). In 1963, Mr. Coustaing, dentist in Paris, will buy it and do some work of safeguarding: repair of half of the roof of the XVth part, repair of the three windows of the big tower with their mullions (1970).

In 1983, it is bought (SCI Family - Gadel Family) and a new restoration campaign begins .

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