Château de Fléville

54710, Fléville-devant-Nancy
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Fléville Castle boasts an exceptional environment, with its garden 4 branches, backed by an Orangerie of the 18th century, including the back cover is decorated with a trompe l'oeil. A large romantic park of 20 hectares, designed by Paul de Choulot, and classified historical monuments, surrounds the castle: one can admire the factories, the winding alleys and some animals.

17 rooms of the Castle are open to the public.
Among the most remarkable:-lounge XVIIIth century with its tapestries, Chinese - the Chapel, rooms at the intimate atmosphere - the Hall of Justice and the room of the Knight in the Dungeon.
-The room of States of Lorraine (former Knight's Hall), the room of Stanislas (great apartment dedicated to the Duke of Lorraine),

My castle is visitable

The Castle will open to the visit from April 1, from 14 h to 19 h:-April: Sundays and public holidays.
-may and June: all weekends and holidays.
-July and August: every day.
-September and October: all weekends and days holidays. - the guided tour lasts about an hour.

RATES: Rates Park and Castle:-adult: 9.50 euros - children (6-14 years): 7 euros - under 6 years old: free - student: 8 euros - disabled person: 6 euro - Park - Garden - dependencies - chocolate factory: 6 euros the Castle does not pay by card ba ncaire.

Upon entry, children can take a princess dress or a suit of Knight and survey all the parts of the Castle, dreaming of adventures! Visit magical for them and peaceful for parents accompanying them (the costume rental: 3 euros, booklet game 7/12 years: offered)

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Spoken languages: French