Château de la Barre

72120, Conflans-sur-Anille


Originally from Brittany, as its coat of arms indicates (azure with three silver bezies laden with an ermine speck), the Vanssay family probably arrives in Maine, in Vancé, in the 9th century.
In 1404, the Barre manor entered into the Vanssay family. The name of the castle derives from the fact that it was a place of justice and toll.
In the 16th century, Marin de Vanssay had his house enlarged and fortified. A wing is redone in the seventeenth century, and its interior redecorated in the eighteenth century.
At the Revolution, the castle remains in the family.
In the nineteenth century, the Vanssay followed Napoleon to Russia. The Comte de Vanssay will be the private secretary of the Comte de Chambord, the last legitimate pretender to the throne of France.
The Château de la Barre then saw a partial restoration, putting an end to centuries of architectural modifications.
Thus, it is in a dwelling, always maintained and always loved that you go, the history of the place and the family being entwined for centuries.

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Spoken languages: French