Château de La Cour

53600, Sainte-Gemmes-le-Robert


Located between Le Mans and Laval, at the heart of the Coëvrons, the castle of the Court, of the 16th century, offers 4 rooms of hosts of charm in the refined decoration. Its gardens to the French, its trees, its moat in water, give the whole a shade of dreamy melancholy.
The owner will not fail to offer a few escapades in his 1953 Bentley.

Yet so near major cities and lines of communication, the Coëvrons, land of Art and history, are first and foremost an enclave of calm and authenticity. Away from the bustle, this is where you will find the true values, well-being and emotion.
To do this, you can count on the strengths of this country: intense and unspoilt nature which has stunning scenery through valleys and hills and a heritage wonder, full of little treasures.

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