Château de la Rochefoucauld

16110, La Rochefoucauld
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Historic home of La Rochefoucauld, always present for a thousand years. By the quality, the diversity and the elegance of its architecture, the castle of La Rochefoucauld deserves to be considered as one of the most remarkable of France.
The innermost originality of the castle lies in the decor of the courtyard, the north wing was not built and the west wing, burned, was rebuilt in the eighteenth century. On the other two sides unfolds the amazing decor of a "cortile" Italian lined arcades on three levels. Beautiful doors open on all floors.
The grand staircase reminds both Blois and Chambord. It is part of a square of 6.75 m, has 108 steps and ends with a ribbed palm.
The castle has large libraries with some 18,000 volumes, 300 cards or prints and almost 10 meters of archives.

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