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« It was in 1993 that we came into possession of the castle of the Servayrie. Fifteen years of restoration have been necessary for us to welcome our guests today. Fifteen years of passion, pleasure, shared by the entire family and which now allow the castle of the Servayrie to resume its place proudly in the Aveyron landscape. »


The castle of the Servayrie, home of exception and character, was in 1994 classified Historical Monument in full.
This area harmoniously combines the charm and authenticity of one of the oldest houses in the Aveyron with modern comfort, introduced at the end of an exemplary restoration.
The quality of this restoration was in 1997 awarded 1st prize "Point of view - Castle of today ' hui" and hailed by the national television and print media.
This restoration was an opportunity to introduce the brands of our time with the stained-glass windows created by J.D. Fleury 30 who made to the Abbey of Conques the stained glass windows of the painter Pierre Soulages.
The castle of the Servayrie to Mouret is ideally located between Rodez and conches, at the hinge of the Auvergne, of Languedoc and the Périgord and Dordogne. It is an ideal starting point to visit these beautiful regions of France and their exceptional sites: Soulages and museums of Toulouse-Lautrec, the cathedrals of Rodez and Albi, or the beautiful towns of Figeac and Rocamadour.
We offer three guest rooms, luxury styles different, combined with the high quality services, inviting you to an aesthetic, historic and contemplative journey and stay in a place of beauty preserved, full of serenity and Majesty.

History and famous characters

The castle of the Servayrie once depended on the co-Lordship of Mouret, together casterly which not brought together, on that nipple, no less than 4 castles on the nipple.
Entraygues family, Lord of Servières including settles in XII ° century, joining the family of Moret which nearby gave his most notable Abbot at the Abbey of Conques: Bégon III of Moret, family who will illustrate to the Crusades.
The King of France, by the intermediary of the Seneschal of Alphonse of Poitiers or Eustace de Beaumarchais occupies the Castle Mage.
These ancient castles, there are still some vestiges, including the Tour de Reilhac, who was also the Abbot of conch shells. Only the castle of the Servayrie is preserved in its integrity at the end of 15 years of restoration.
At the castle of the Servayrie, to the family of Entraygues successor family of Resigade which will host in 1585 Marguerite de Vallois, Queen of France, during his escape from Agen to Carlat. Selve will succeed Francis de Senezergues Laroque and Resigade families, first gentleman of the King's Chamber.
Throughout the site, both the archival terms monumental and archaeological was the subject of a multidisciplinary research program led by the University of Toulouse Mirail, CNRS and agency HADES. The result, now widely published, is the subject of many conferences. Mrs and Mr FABRY will be happy to tell you that rich history, including the history of what was the co-Lordship, typically southern power-sharing mode.

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