Chateau de Lescure

15230, chateau de lescure, Saint-Martin-Sous-Vigouroux
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One of the eldest square tower of Auvergne.

The castle today

Around the year 1000, the lord of Gasc, originally from Gascony, built this square tower, one of the four oldest Cantal.

Built with walls 2 m thick and a narrow spiral staircase, it is surprising that it has retained its authenticity and that it is still habitable, despite the many battles that have taken place over the centuries: the Hundred Years War, the wars of religion and finally, the French Revolution.

The castle of Lescure is cited by Voltaire when he recounts the marriage the daughter of the lord of Brezons, owner of these places, with the Prince of Harcourt of Lorraine.

Lescure becomes property of the Count of Lastic, one of the oldest noble families of Auvergne. His son Hugues was beheaded during the Revolution and Lescure was sold as a "national good". Since then, the Castle of Lescure passes hand in hand to a dozen owners. It is restored and arranged by Michel and Anne Verhulst, then by ourselves.

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Spoken languages: French , English, German