Château de Mauzun

63160, Mauzun
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One of the few great fortresses in France that we can still admire, overlooking a highly strategic and grandiose panorama on the Limagnes, Monts Dore Forez Mountains, and the chain of Puys …

On the foothills of the Livradois, stands the medieval fortress of Mauzun, the giant of Auvergne, whose walls stand on the side of a volcanic hill that provided him with his basalt stone. The dungeon, at the heart of the defensive system, is protected by two successive enclosures flanked by twenty towers and pierced by archers.

At the time of its construction, in the 13th century, Mauzun represented in France the most accomplished formula of military architecture.
Today still, its 2000 meters of powerful curtains and its high jagged towers give us the secret of the methods of defense and survival of the biggest strongholds of the Middle Ages ..

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Spoken languages: French