Château de Montardy

24350, Château de Montardy, Grand-Brassac
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« Discover and stay at the Château de Montardy, with pool, in a castle built during the 14th century in the southwest of France. The unique experience of French lifestyle in the Perigord. »


Located in Green Périgord, the castle overlooks a splendid valley extending over several kilometers. It is on the edge of a park of old trees and surrounded by a property of 300 hectares.
A real architectural exception to the country of the castles of Périgord, the Castle of Montardy has the distinction of belonging to the same family since the end of the 15th century. Plus, it's not about any family!

Montardy Castle belongs to the LAU family of Allemans since 1427. Its origin dates back to the 14th century. Feudal castle, it was transformed during the centuries until XVIe.
The Du Lau of Allemans were lords who indifferently put themselves at the service of the kings of France or England. Bringing together armed forces, the future Henri IV offers Du Lau D'Allemans to join him. Mission accepted! The members of the family then converted to Catholicism at the same time as the king and became frequent royalists. It was also great scholars and many personalities have stayed at the castle such as King Edward VII who came there every year for hunting or Proust who speaks of the Marquis du Lau of Allemans and his family in several volumes of his famous book: "In Search of Lost Time".
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The castle today

Today the castle is still in the same family. The Marquis and Marquise continue to remain there.

As is the custom for centuries the castle continues to welcome guests from all over the world. The right wing of the castle has been restored for this purpose.

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