Château de Mortiercrolles

53400, Saint-Quentin-les-Anges


It is at the end of the 15th century that Pierre de Rohan, the Maréchal de Gié, built this important Castle, one of the most beautiful monuments inspired by the Loire.

Defended by a wide moat, the enclosure, which forms a large quadrangle, is flanked a tower at each corner. The Châtelet, very well preserved, is the largest element of Castle. The main building has still an admirable awning in framing and slate in front of the gate of honour. The Chapel is a building of unique kind in Mayenne. Finally, the loft, recently restored, has the structure of an ancient tower of guard with a hexagonal plan inside.

The alternation of white stones and bricks, the crows of the finely decorated machicolations and skylights to carved ornaments, make it a building of the most elegant.

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