Pailhès castle

09130, Pailhes
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Located in Ariège between Mirepoix and Carbonne, the medieval castle dominates the village of Pailhès from the top of its rocky promontory.

- Guided tours of some rooms, the inner courtyard and the park.
- Exhibition of works "Symphony of colors and portrait (s)" of castles.
- Demonstration of a know-how for the traditional repair of an old seat - only on Sunday.

History and famous characters

Although we know of a deed of 1256 pertaining to the fief, we do not know the type of establishment that existed at that time. It is possible that this summit of strategic interest has been occupied since the Roman occupation. It is difficult, without considerable work, to identify the age of the constructions that the soils of the cellars reveal. However, most of the building, including the stair tower, the entrance gate and the west facade, dates from the fourteenth century.

Enlargements were made in the 15th and 16th centuries. These various modifications gave the monument a tormented and fanciful look that ended up disturbing, facing south, a massive wing of the end of the eighteenth century which is neither the happiest nor the most solid.

My castle is visitable

- Guided tour of some rooms, the inner courtyard and the park.
- Exhibition of "Symphony of colors and portraits"
- Demonstration of know-how for the artisanal renovation of an old seat.

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