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The castle of Panloy is located in Port-d'Envaux in Charente-Maritime. The castle belongs to the same family since its construction, it has never been sold, so its interior and furniture are authentic. It is still inhabited by the same descendants, those of the House of Grailly and more particularly by Jean de Grailly.

History and famous characters

William of Ransanne (s) is known as the first lord of Panloy, then there are written traces indicating the Moreau, who were lords of Panloy from the early fifteenth century to 1680.

Seized and sold, the seigneury changes owner several times, and July 8, 1760 it is the dowry brought by Marie Sarry, lady of the Barony of the Nancras and Champagne Chaum, the Tower and Panloy, Jacques Michel, Baron of Saint-Dizant.

He rebuilt the castle keeping only the two entrance pavilions.

Their daughter Anne-Marie marries in 1785 the Marquis de Grailly, whose descendants are still owners of the castle.

During the Revolution, the Marquise, like other aristocrats whose property or even life was threatened, used the revolutionary law of divorce, which allowed her to preserve the estate; when her husband was amnestied during the Consulate, he returned in 1802 and they remarried in 1806; Since then, the castle remains in the same family with Louis XV period furniture.

My castle is visitable

Built on the banks of the Charente during the reign of Louis XV, Panloy Castle still belongs to the same family. This is how he kept all his period furniture and many objects of style, witnesses of the life of yesteryear. It is therefore a very authentic atmosphere that you will discover by browsing the different spaces open to the public during guided tours organized daily (duration of the visit: 1 hour).

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