Château de Prye

58160, La Fermeté
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Once owned by the Princess of Poland, the history of Prye Castle dates back to the 10th century.

Owned by the current family since the end of the 18th century, the castle has since ceased to be enlarged and embellished.
At the end of the 19th century, landscape architect Edouard André designed the park. He describes in his General Treatise on the Composition of Parks and Gardens the method used in Prye.
The architect Massillon-Rouvet restores and enlarges the castle and sumptuous stables paneled with marble are built as well as a riding school of 630 m².
Under the vault of animal trophies of Africa we observe, reported by Viscount Robert of the Bourg de Bozas who directed for the French Government a Scientific Mission "From the Red Sea to the Atlantic".

Today, Antoine-Emmanuel, his wife and their children restore and revive this area: musical evenings, weddings, seminars, bed and breakfast

My castle is visitable

Reduced price: 3,5 €
Other rates: free admission – 18 years old and friends association friends of the castle, the stables and Prye park

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