Ransanne castle

17250, Soulignonne
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In the fourteenth century Guillaume de Ransanne is the first known lord of the fief.
In 1518 this fief has the right to high and low justice, as shown by the tribute of Andrée de Ransanne to the king.

The high dwelling of the fifteenth century is massive, with a main building with three levels, covered with a roof with two slopes. It has two very different facades: one with only two bays of narrow windows is framed by two pepper mills almost without openings while the other has a square stair tower in the middle of the facade, and this is the only entrance to the house by a door with a broken arch

Four breteches *, one per round lap and two on the top of the square tower, complete the defense.

The small building south of the castle is confined to two watch towers.
Ransanne Castle and the small communal building have been registered
historical monuments

History and famous characters

The family of Ransanne owned this castle in 1480, during the reign of Louis XI. The house was most probably built on the ruins of an older castle. In the 15th century, the family of Losme also possessed the stronghold.

It is likely that the coat of arms overcoming the entrance of the tower are those of De Losme. In 1530, the domain became the property of François Lebrethon, lawyer of the king and mayor of Saintes. The Lebrethon family kept it until 1763, when a former captain of the king's ships, Claude-Mathieu Mac Nemara, became the owner.

Although Ransanne Castle has often changed owners over the centuries, its character has been preserved. The current owners acquired it in the nineties, the castle looked gray with its decrepit walls, broken tiles and worm-eaten floors.

The 2000s were those of a return to the life of the castle of Ransanne, our love of the stones guiding our steps, as well as the advised advice of the Conservation of the Historical Monuments, we took up the challenge.

Two years of scaffolding! Ten years of work! Roofing, carpentry, floors, walls, stone staircase, doors, forged locks, woodwork, everything has been restored in the rules of art. Today, the comfort and sweetness of the place would almost forget this incredible odyssey.

My castle is visitable

The castle is nestled in the heart of a 170-hectare park. During the renovations undertaken in the 90s, the owners decided to start from the outside. They allowed the plants to take a little advance. Crazy with orchards, innumerable old varieties of apple trees were planted, almost as many pear trees, plum trees, cherry trees ...

And then a flower garden and walled garden, a large and generous rose garden, a fig tree, a magnificent collection of hydrangeas, a pine forest have completed the whole.

In the park, a few rare specimens of oaks and a beautiful collection of maples blossom gently.

The hen clos, generously flowered with rose creepers is a delight! It is accessed through the walled garden, after admiring the dovecote, also restored, as well as the orangery.

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