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« In the last century, the castle of Eve was left almost eighty years without maintenance. Since 1992 the current owners began the restoration of major to its former glory. »


The Castle, Louis XIII style, consists of a body at the back of court, two wings to the North and South, ending in a tower at each of the corners. Semi-seches moats are drained by a ditch, capturing the waters of the fountain Saint Fiacre.

New year's Eve was built to be a country residence. He regularly changed hands throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. If the overall composition of the castle is that of the architecture of the first half of the 17th century, the interior décor is Louis XIV style.

Its 5 ha park includes a vast French garden, a former vegetable garden being transformed into pleasure garden and a garden of simple occupying a former melonniere.

The castle today

New year's Eve was built between 1607 and 1617 by Claude of Ancienville, Lord of new year's Eve, instead of a medieval castle of the 13th century, ruined by the wars of hundred years and religions.

l seems to be under Jean Galland ( [xxxxxxx] ) the gardens and alleys which form the framework of greenery of Eve were created. In 1663 Jean Galland did plant the alley of Retourneloup, located in the continuity of the garden to the French. The driveway was composed of four rows of ELMS forming a central aisle and two Allées. The French, according to an act of June 1663 garden has, it seems, also was created at the same time.

In 1719 the Castle passes to the hands of René-Louis Le Voyer de Paulmy, marquis d'Argenson, who will be Minister of Foreign Affairs to Louis XV. It undertook major architectural changes to Eve. He first changed the shape of the roof it brightened by skylights. He also transformed the windows.

He decorated the central span of the façade of the garden by a pediment representing the goddess Minerva surrounded allegories representing the Arts and Sciences. The marquis took not long these improvements since, deep in debt, he was forced to sell new year's Eve in 1730.

The castle was acquired by Jules-Robert de Cotte, architect of the King Louis XV. New year's Eve owes to its new owner, his stables built on the north side facing the farm. His granddaughter sold the estate in 1809 augeneral Haber. The glue Haber were owners until 1947. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the castle was the summer residence of the painter and illustratriceMadeleine Lemaire, nicknamed by Anatole France "the Empress of the Roses". Madeleine who held a literary salon in Paris, received all that time there were artists, writers and intellectuals. The young Marcel Proust attended the Paris salon of Madame Lemaire. This befriended this young writer, encouraged her writing and invited him in 1894 and 1895 to Eve. He began writing his first novel to test "The pleasures and days" in which he described the chestnut trees of the garden French ownership of its host. Madeleine Lemaire illustrated this first work of engravings.

New year's Eve was the headquarters of a top made of weapons on June 13, 1940. The 58 th artillery regiment commanded by colonel Rousset, lost half its men by prohibiting twenty four hours the crossing of the Grand Morin to a Panzer division March to Paris.

In the last century, the castle was left almost eighty years without maintenance.

My castle is visitable

The visit of new year's Eve will lead you to the discovery of her past. You will visit the salons of 18th century on the ground floor, dependencies that the remarkable loft classified MH, Park, garden and vegetable garden. Photo exhibition of the restoration work undertaken since 1992. Hall of remembrance for the 58th RA who fought at new year's Eve on June 13, 1940. Duration about 1:15.

Opening DATES: June 1 to September 17, 2018 u.
except Tuesday and Saturday June and September: 13 h 30-17 h 30 July and August: 10 h 00-12 h 00 - 13 h 30 - 17 h 30 rates: adult: €8,00 - children 12 to 17 years: €5,00 child from 5 to 11 years: €3,50 (visit adapted with booklet and taste)

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