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Beautiful private castle and hunting lodge dating from the late eighteenth century, in the heart of Burgundy touching Meursault and 5 minutes from Beaune. An authentic place with lots of charm, nestled in a beautiful park of 6 hectares with trees and a large pool.
10 spacious rooms, 7 bathrooms, air conditioning in the rooms of the castle, small wellness area in the castle.
Large kitchen, cooking classes possible and catering service on request.
Surrounded by nature in the heart of Burgundy wine, the house is the ideal starting point for sightseeing Beaune and its region.
Bike rental, cellar visits and wine tasting possible.

Castle today

"Ancestral home whose origins date back to the eighteenth century by the construction of the" hunting lodge "and the castle in the nineteenth century under Napoleon III, property of the Champy family, the oldest house of wine in Burgundy and its successive heirs .
Following its acquisition, important investments, a lot of courage, physical effort, will and passion were needed and were deployed in this titanic renovation company. Renovation of a large part of the roof, installation of central heating, air conditioning, sanitary, electricity, restoration of beautiful wooden floors, decoration in trompe l'oeil, safeguard on the perron of the castle of a pretty marquise attributed to Gustave Eiffel .
And for the total enjoyment of the place, a pool created in a clearing where the sun spreads its shelves, welcoming bathing and bathers as much as lovers of sunbathing. Today the castle finally found a life, the reward is there, visible and satisfactory ... Many challenges are yet to come, and many lovers of old stones to welcome. High hearts!
In my youth already, I was attracted to old houses. I compared them to that of my godfather where with my parents we went very often. My father had grown up there and for us, it was always a pleasure to be welcomed and I immersed myself at the same time, unconsciously, the charm of the house, the park where I played with my cousins . Ah, beautiful days!
No doubt this wonderful time has been initiator of my desire to live in this wonderful atmosphere of the countryside where life is punctuated by the bell of the village church.
As time went by, I came closer to these places which, in my opinion, should not be forgotten, and indifference reinforced my determination to save them.
Nurse by profession I knew Tailly by coming to care in the neighboring property. The atmosphere and charm of the place, the smell of wild garlic that emanated from the park added to the feeling of a past found, as the similarity was strong with memories of childhood. The property was in a state of total abandonment, without maintenance, giving way to the passage of time.
In the park, the trees grew anarchic, some even more than a hundred years old, of impressive dimensions and rare species are listed in the guides of the forest. This freedom left to nature has allowed all wildlife to settle and prosper. Several species of animals have multiplied there, birds, squirrels, snails, which as a family, cross the lawns and venture close to the house. A stream runs through the property and wild ducks come to play. So many furtive and privileged moments at the sight of deer, deer and their young. "

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