Château de Tournelay

79250, Nueil-les-Aubiers
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The Domaine de Tournelay is a property where all the buildings, the closed vegetable garden and the windmill are registered in the inventory of historical monuments. It is by its breadth and variety, an exceptional testimony to the life of a large estate in the nineteenth century.
Around the castle, its parterre à la française and its superb outbuildings, extends the landscaped park. The meadows, the river, the two ponds and the wooded massifs share harmoniously a space of 35 ha closed of wall where several hundred species and various botanical species mix, including trees more than centenaries (oaks, cedars, sycamore maples, bald cypresses, bamboo ...).
More than 5 km of paths and paths offer many possibilities for walks.

My castle is visitable

Opening: July 14
Closing: 25th of August

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Spoken languages: French