Château de Vair

44150, Anetz
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On the border of Brittany and Anjou, at the crossroads of History and Legends, the castle of Vair is like an open book ... It is said that Cinderella lost his slipper of Vair at the steps of the steps ...

In the 12th century, a powerful fortress surrounded by a moat inspired the novels of the legendary Knights of the Round Table and the Grail! In the 15th century a castle replaces this feudal stronghold. It remains from this period two round towers, the dovecote and archives.

In the 17th century the Marquis de Vair, Councilor of Louis XIV, built the two square towers, the chapel, the orangery and the two pavilions of the entrance.

In the 19th century is built the central building and its row of bright lounges.

Go through the charts of honor ... enter the legend! A majestic alley leads you through a triple wall of doors and moats to the historic heart of Vair Castle. Give free rein to your dreams and write your own fairy tale!

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Spoken languages: French