Castle of Valgenceuse

60300, Senlis
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The Park is attributed to our. The owner of Valgenceuse was Jean Crochet Advisor to the Prince of Condé at the time where our worked at Chantilly. The Park has a classic structure: the green or large driveway driveway (900 m) which structure the Park, the terrace, the water mirror. In the 19th the Park became romantic by different keys as islands, bridges, of chestnut trees, curved forms while retaining its classical base.

The castle today

The first known owner of Valgenceuse was Boissi Oudart, master chef of the King Philippe-le-Bel. The area was acquired in 1326 by the Dean of the chapter of Saint-States who donated to the chapter; it retained until 1582, time which he spent at the Barnes, then to the Palm. In 1620, it was bought by Jean Crochet, Advisor of the prince of Condé. He and his son, Archdeacon Louis hook, probably were the creators of the current Park, diverting to embellish the course of the NoNet and digging the water feature, towards the middle of the seventeenth century, work completed Lebel, recipient of the areas, purchaser of Valgenceuse in 1656, as Stephen Houze, buyer the same year, had returned to him. Lebel built a large Castle, now demolished. He was the grandfather by the women of all the owners of Valgenceuse until 1896; the Castle belonged to the families of Lacombe, of Malherbe, of Roufflac, Versigny, Junquieres Liu, of Giac, Firmindity. It was purchased by Mr. Kulp in 1896.
It is at the end of the eighteenth century, and by the Liu, was built the House current, oriented differently from the former, who was watching the NoNet. The construction reminds how to architect Bélanger: it can be compared to the Saint James madness, which offers a similar silhouette. Arrival offers especially a beautiful order, with its central body called a pediment, flanked by two wings in return, its attic of low elevation, the peristyle (increased later two extensions between the wings), and its two floors including the second offer of arched bays.
On the opposite façade, looking at the firewall, niches are growing toward the ends of the building, ornate statues and busts; a peristyle is still marks the center of the home, and two small pavilions on the ground floor completes the composition which is a quiet elegance.

On this side, the gardens are very beautiful (the arrival floor is modern): a large driveway, so-called green path, is the main aisle, she first along the pond, derivation of the NoNet, to then go up, through two groups of harmonious, to markets the wood, thus stretching over a thousand meters length. Transversal alleys cut it regularly. At the end of the piece of water, a terrace lined with balusters, decorated with a statue of Diana, dominates the gardens; It is supported to the wood and is accessed at the top of the first group of markets we talked about. A Jetty is consider the navigations of the old Christmas Galantes. Valgenceuse, with its gardens, is a clean place to demonstrate that the geometry of the gardens does point poetry, and here is an enchanting Symphony in which take part water, trees, stone and the greenery of lawns in the concertante of harmonies.
The drawing in is attributed to our who to these years, worked at Chantilly - the thing is not implausible, because it is a masterpiece.

My castle is visitable

OPENING of the Park: - from 1 to 10 July - from 1 to 30 September from 10 h to 12 h and from 14 h to 18 h individual: - €7 for adults - free for children under 16 accompanied.

GROUPS: All year, by appointment, at least 15 people.
Prices: €7, free for escorts.

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