Château de Varennes l'Enfant

Château de Varennes l'Enfant, Épineux-le-Seguin
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Site visit Varennes l'enfant and the Castle (parts 16th century with earlier vestiges, restore 19th century dry moat).
The 13th century chapel on the supplementary inventory of Historical Monuments, in the 'village' of Varennes the child with old houses, a mill, etc.

The castle today

The Châtellenie of Varennes, erected in Barony to 1570 in favour of Francis of the Chapel, was a vassal of the Bishop of le Mans by the barony of Touvoie, a modern Castle, home of the young family, in antique style of military architecture, was built from the 1850s on the old foundations. A beautiful and monumental woodwork, skillfully restored, adorns the fireplace in one of the rooms, including the bearing and apparent floors, ceilings are a very decorative effect.

My castle is visitable

Only during the heritage days.

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Spoken languages: French